domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

Fable The Lost Chapters - Fable 2 (Mod) v0.68

This mod convert the world of Fable The Lost Chapters to the world of Fable 2.
This is the 0.68 version, so it is not finished.


1) Copy the archives of downloaded folder Levels Mod in the folder FinalAlbion (you have to open ChocolateBox to have this folder) Replace.
2) Copy the archives of the downloaded folder Sounds to the Fable The Lost Chapters/Data/Sounds. Replace.
3) Copy the downloaded text.big  in: \Fable - The Lost Chapters\data\lang\English.


Eons (
Jp_b46 (
Dragon- (
Lord of Blades (

There was people who wanted to work, but they didn't work: dark and Isaac Clarke (



You can have your own balverine pet!

Download Link:


Day 8/2/2012. Fairfax Gardens:

Day 29/6/2012. Enhanced Wraithmarsh: